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Could you please let me know, how I improve my sales?

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Here’s a tip from my experience (doesnt have to be true) try not to put more than 1 gig on the same categorie, focus on the gig that brings the most and leave it alone on the categorie.

Be more active on the forum, people will notice your profile and visit your gigs and you might get some sales or your gig get a better position on the search.

Try promoting your gig out of fiverr…hope other sellers can help you.

Good luck %%-

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We are at the same situation , i’ll tell you what i am trying to do
I am just put but the best CV item and but that’s i am ready to do something like this just for 5$ and may people accept this ,
second i am trying to make the description more catchy as i can by writing any and any advantage may the buyer take …
Thanks …

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