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Please give sellers some authority

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its the third profile i have started here.

both which i closed here had more then 200 +ve reviews.

i got 1 negative and i was out of the game.

i had some sale from the repeat buyers and…

i had to close the account.


as per my experience here…

it was easy for me to start first profile. during last march.

i used to get fresh query…

now its not so.

its getting hard to stay here.

if i have to do the same things again… for 4th time…

sellers who are quality will go…

i suggest to change some how in the system… which can measure ratio of -ve and +ve.


i suggest to give some authority to sellers to cancel the order on their own.

as the past profiles which i had to close…

the buyers were not regular here.

wandering buyer who might never get back the market place for year…

this guys give -ve and go…

and never return to even accept refund.

this is not Justis.

please if any one here who agree comment.

if any one can do some help, let me know.


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Why would you close your account after getting one negative review? Everyone is going to get a negative review at some point during their time here, whether it is justly earned or because the buyer is a ridiculous person. Closing an established account with lots of positive reviews and starting from scratch in a marketplace that is becoming increasingly saturated is never a good idea.

You do have the ability to cancel the order on your own. Even if the buyer never comes back to accept the refund, he still gets it. If a buyer has already left a negative review, however, I’m not sure why you would offer him a refund, too. In my mind, the buyer gets one or the other. He doesn’t get to leave a negative review and get his money back.

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As a newbie buyer learning the culture and rules of engagement here on fiverr still, I’m curious what it means to be out of the game with one negative review?

I ask because I have a seller begging me to remove a just negative review. I opted to forego a refund to leave the review, as I think it’s important there be an overall rating for users. I don’t think one should be able to keep money, just so buyer can leave feedback. I didn’t request a refund, but I also didn’t haggle with seller to deliver the late upon late product. For me, it’s just a matter of principle. But it also creates an environment for measuring risk to dollars spent when trying to get a product you’re in search of.

So, back to my question: What does it mean to be out the game with one negative review?

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Reply to @bisouschouchou: Based on what I read elsewhere on the forums, a negative review can bring down one’s positive rating. Some sellers believe most buyers that come through these parts search for sellers with a high positive rating. That, and having a negative review could possibly drop their position in the search rankings.

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