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Licence Agreement Form/File


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I have a question about ordering the licence agreement on fiverr.

I recently purchaced licence agreements to few illustrations from a seller via custom order.

Im asking that is the seller obligated to make a release form of sorts to the purchaced illustrations?

The seller has not sent me any forms or anyother textfile about me having rights for commercial use for purchaced illustrations.

The fact remains that i have purchaced the licence agreements but i havent got any proof other than the conversations with the seller before purchace.

I read the “for commercial licence details” but didnt find anything about this matter.

Sincerily Darrel

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The commercial licence fee is something I think is really stupid and bad that was made by fiverr, sellers already were delivering before this appear and they were not asking for it, now when fiverr presented it some sellers are using it and it really really feels like bullying, it feels like " here’s your order, but you can’t use it" and they don’t even give you anything to prove this is for commercial use because they already don’t have such a thing, they just use it to get more money!!!

A lot of respected sellers and top rated sellers refused to use it and hated to give their buyers such a bad experience.

Don’t ever order from a buyer who uses it, check their gig extras to see if they ask for a commercial licence fee, if yes; leave.

Good luck %%-

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That’s a good question Darrelfin. I too have purchased the License for Commercial Use and I want a file for documentation.

Reply to onlinedzshop: I have no problem buying the License for Commercial Use from an artist as I’m using the work he created for commercial purposes. It’s the right thing to do. As far as not buying from a seller that offers this option, I couldn’t “leave” because I wanted and got the best artwork offered on Fiverr. Even with the extra fee for the commercial license, man what a fantastic deal.

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I actually really like this idea. I would love to give my buyers an actual document that lets them know 100% that they have full right to my voice, for how long, and for what platforms, etc.

Not letting us give personal information really hinders a business actually. Contracts are usually a must for freelance work as it helps outline exactly what sort of arrangment you’re getting into.

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Like onsitesourcing stated, its not a problem of paying abit more and supporting the sellers if you really would use there orders in commercial manner.
The idea that just because i checked an x to a window that stated that i purchaced a commerical licence just doesnt feel safe in the end.

If you are not given any form or document to proof that you have purchased the commercial licence to these products doesnt that kinda defeat the purpose of those options.

I was not actually thinking of legal document with personal information. To me a document with just usernames and some text about user1 has given user2 the commercial rights for this order would have been fine.

Having to take screenshots from the purchase chat as proof feels just silly.

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