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Some cool tips for beginners


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A Bit lengthier than I thought 😃

I joined fiverr like 5 months ago. At the beginning it was really tough and i was struggling to get just ONE sale !

This dry period lasted almost 1-2 weeks. I was really disappointed and i had no hope. So i decided to change my strategy !

Sitting and hoping for order to come by is a really bad idea 😛 Here is how i got my first sale.

Buyers request is the best place to get started ( I don’t know how it is now, heard its now a market place for sellers promotion 😛 ). I just sit & stare at the screen for any new request to be posted, refreshed the page every 5 mins and made sure that i send an offer before any one does ( 1st come 1st served ) :D. By the end of the day i would’ve send all the 10 offers :). After 2-3 days of this nightmare, i got a msg from a guy asking me to make a video :(( ( I don’t make videos 😛 ). I focus only on designing and photo editing and i was unable to fulfill his request 😦

I told him i only do images and he left 😦 ( lol ). After 2-3 he came back and said I’ll be still interested in an image …

and conveyed his ideas about the work. I was really excited and showed him the work ( I always show a preview of work before order :P, I’ll get to that part later ). He said no thats not the idea i was looking for :P, I did like 100 revisions.

I tried everything i could to make him satisfied because this is your first sale & you just have to do anything to make it happen, you cannot let it leave your hands just like that. Try everything and anything the client asks for. Trust me if you have a good start you will definitely succeed.

Before that make a stunning gig. Make sure your description is detailed and lengthy, try to use up all the 1200 words :P. Do not copy other gigs won’t help, will end up in trouble. Make sure you use proper English too ( I’m not really good to 😛 ), if you’ve trouble find someone who can help you. Try to keep you charges as low as possible at the start. When you start the key is to make more sales and reviews than money. First build your foundation and then increases your charges 🙂 Work on the gig extras try something faster delivery for $$, combo offers etc. ( Take your time and work on it ). Many says adding a video will increase you promotion maybe i don’t have one but I’m still happy with the results 🙂 I definitely know that clients go through your portfolio works because many of my clients asks can you do something like this image in you portfolio etc. Try to diversify you portfolio it helps, when an image of a gym work showed up in my portfolio i got many gym clients and did something for credit card and the same thing happened. The 1st 3 images of the portfolio, very important make use of it, make a collage of all the best work you have done. I have no idea about other niches 😛

# Please use your own profile pic and make sure it looks good too :D. Don't use pics of girls thinking that you will attract more customers ! Really bad idea might work in some cases but who knows whether you'll be attracting customers or .... LOL :P Be genuine :)

# Many may have a problem with time schedule because we are from different time zones. The best solution is to keep the fiverr app running 24x 7 on your phone or any device. Most of the customers are from US and since I'm from INDIA i have to stay and work late at night and sleep at morning :P ( More like a Dracula in my case :V ).
Respond as fast as you can to clients msgs/query because they appreciate it and try to get the job from a new client done as fast as possible, will increase the chances of converting him into a regular buyer :)

# Provide some discounts to your regular customers ones in a month or so to keep them happy.
I gave one of my client a 5$ work for free ( Was a 4gig job ) and he ended up giving me a tip of 20$ lol :)
Try to keep regular customers happy and friendly because they help you giving lengthy and good reviews :D
You'll reach a point where your client trusts you so badly so make use of it :D ( In a good way ). If its a 20$ job ask him to order 4 gigs separately or just send him 4 custom orders of 5$. One 20$ gig will give you one review and one order as complete :P
Four 5$ orders will earn you 4 reviews and will help you to level up easily :D
Most of the clients may be not willing to split up order like this :P But there are some people especially people who outsource you work :D. I had an agreement with a similar guy, he always order separately and leaves a good review :D
I've asked him to charge double or triple the amount so he gets a good share too :D Since he earns well, he brings more orders and pays me really well too :D. Keep these in mind :P

# Here is one other trick maybe not :P But it has proved to be effective and most of the clients are really excited when they here this :D Most of the clients said this shows you are really good and proud of your work :)
When a client approaches me i never ask him to order in case if i mess up BOOM negative review !
First i make sure that it is something i could :) and I'll send a sample preview of the final work. I make sure its watermarked really well :D For instance someone give me a pic for retouching I'll type the word sample and tattoo it all over the body :D making it so difficult too extract and the image will also be a screenshot.
So if the client likes it or requires modification I'll make the changes and show it, once the work is complete I'll ask to order :) This will help us to maintain constant good reviews. It is better to do this way than ending up in negative review. When it comes to scam buyers i don't know its still a question............

# I've never tired the social media strategy/ promotion etc. Some say they had success, maybe not sure.
People say make use of all the 5-20 gigs and I've seen many with 20 gigs :P I'm using only 2 gigs one fully functional and the other sort off ....... :P you know what i mean. I just focused on one gig and its running really well :) I had to send a lot of customers away due to the workload :P too much is also a problem :)
OFF THE TOPIC : if someone is interested in getting clients ( must be a good seller ) please comment below I'll select some random good ones and when i have a problem with client overload I'll send them to you. Please don't send them back lol :P Category : Photoshop and editing under graphics design.

# Please don't underestimate you clients, I've neglected some of the clients due to over work and do their jobs later.
Surprisingly the neglected ones paid me the most, I had one client who asked me to send an offer for 250$ :v
Unfortunately he is the only one who paid the most till now in a single order :(

# Most of the clients are from US and they are good :) In general many say INDIAN (:P) clients are the worst it totally wrong. We INDIANs are like that they always care about the money they spend ( all people do i know :P ) and they will ask for more. Even if i was a buyer i would've done the same :P I have 2-3 INDIANS clients and i would say they are the best that i've came across, even if they tortured me with revisions they always ended up paying me well. If you've read each an every word I've said above, you might have noticed me saying one of my client paying me a tip of 20$ and that client is an INDIAN too :) (Patriotism overload :P)

I thing I've covered most of the thoughts which i had in my mind :)

The most important part you might have noticed that I'm using the smiling smiley symbol : ) a lot.
Use it instead of full stop while talking to your clients :)
SO that even if you are angry " : ) " this thingy will make them think that you are working for them happily lol :)
If i had said any blunders or stupidity please forgive me, I'm also in the process of learning :)

Good Luck !

Kind Regards,
Shinu Francis
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Well I’m trying to get my sales up, and I really need advice on that. Could you let me know where to find the buyers’ request. I still have hard time finding my way around the site, as I’ve been more serious about Fiverr since very recently.
And by the way, if you need to outsource your orders, I’m available and I’m good at what I do. I can send samples of my work if you are interested. You can send me any photo editing jobs.

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Reply to @anidimitrova: You can find the buyers request in the my sales tab 🙂
Outsourced work is a bit of luck, i just ran into one by mere coincidence. Sure you will come across many in future. I can send jobs to you no problem with that 😃
But most of my work are a bit tougher, like manipulation and stuff hope you can do that well thanks 🙂

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In all honesty I tried to read this to see if it did have tips and if they were good. I am a fan of judicious use of emojis. Not over-use. I confess that in my current state of mind, I couldn’t read this and felt pretty annoyed just looking at the post.

By the way, I’m admittedly in a grumpy mood and this comment isn’t personal, it’s just how I actually felt. If you want me to edit my comment I will. 🙂

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I have read the whole post! And there are really some useful tips for getting new clients.
But recently, I’m trying to get some orders for my Gigs so hard, but it’s not going well. I’ve tried with buyer requests (only 1 replied but still no order :(( ), also promoting my Gigs here on Fiverr Forum (nothing yet), uploading Videos… (nope).
I’m offering Gigs about Photoshop and Photo editing as well. Maybe you can take a look at my Gigs and give me any feedback? 🙂
I want to get my first client so bad!

Thank you and wish you heaps of orders in the future!

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Since this usually happens, I’ll give a shot at heading it off at the pass! Anytime I see a new or resurrected tips page, it seems like there are always responses by people asking for direct help with their own gigs or trying to advertise in the thread.

@vlatko93 did a good job of stating his help for sales without breaking any rules so I applaud that! Take note that if you post links to your gigs or profiles in this category for any reason, that is breaking the forum Do’s and Dont’s which are hyperlinked at the top of the forum. Advertising in this thread is also against the rules though you may advertise in My Fiverr Gigs. Good luck!

Oh, I forgot: 😛

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This was a great post, it helps allot with what I am looking for to try new. I have low sales and looking for advise and this is the best so far. I have redone my gig hundreds of times and will try this method, patient I see now is the best and not to push much:) thanks.

Oh I was reading along and I see that you have towards the end of the post thing and I think you were trying to type think 🙂 sorry I can’t help to correct. Angie 🙂

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Your post is very amazing & its really helpful. I’ll try to best to implement on all of your points. And as you said if somebody interesting to get some work. So M also a graphic designer who editing & book covers but in the editing till now didn’t get any order. So If you can help me 🙂


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Reply to @vlatko93: Since you’ve have no luck with buyers request i think you have to wait till someone comes to you. Keep an eye on the impressions views etc.
If its falls make some changes in the gigs, title, description, tags, extras etc.
See if the impressions get back to normal or rising if it falls revert the changes. Slowly but soon you’ll get some clients 🙂
Good luck 😃

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