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As Long As It Gets ! Waiting Too Long For 1st Order ? Not A Big DEAL!


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"Wait wait wait till you get it " it seems to be a motivating and inspiring quote but not for SELLERS on the fiverr for sure .They have to pass through this tiresome period for so long that they even wish to quit it and when they read such sort of quotes they actually mess up.

I ll share my personal quagmire of too long hectic wait for the first order. Starting a new career on fiverr was not a big deal for me as i had a experience of doing such work . But fiverr seemed to be a hard pill to swallow and i actually waited for two months for my first order. I worked real hard. The crux of the matter was buyers did contact to me but they never hired me inspite of answering early. But then after consistent work i was ordered and i feel triumphed . Now i am on edge growing good . Here are some tips i would like to give to all the sellers on fiverr.

  1. Dont lose hope
  2. Create effective and expressive Gigs
  3. Send buyer requests regularly
  4. Promote your gigs if possible
  5. Maintain low rates at first
  6. hope for the Best .
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