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New buyer here with a lot of questions


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Hello! And first I want to ask, where do I post questions about how in general fiver works? Is this forum the right place? It seems a bit confusing so far.

I’m looking for someone, or a couple of people, to do some voice overs

  1. none of the categories fiver lists describe the purpose of what I want to do. I want audio recordings of some short dialogues in English to help people learning English as a second language. At this point I want to test a new concept out, experiment a little and see how it goes.

  2. They don’t need to sound perfect, I need someone to sound like a regular American having a casual conversation - using connected speech, etc. I hope that doesn’t sound insulting to the professional voice over actors here.

    Anyway, those are a couple of questions off the top of my head. This site seems kind of confusing to me.
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