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Scammer's message in my inbox!

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A message was in my inbox from sender: belinda015matzo

I could only read the truncated first part in my inbox page (“This is to inform you t…”) but when I clicked on it, it would just reload the inbox page.

Finally, I opened the page source code and managed to find the message.

here it is and it’s obviously a scam. Is fiverr aware of this?


This is to inform you that your user registration Winning code numbers are (CM T-76-54-34-87-85-09) File number (B-00546) kindly note your profile account here in fiverr.com has been selected today among the few membership benefited this year 2015 European national site award program worldwide sponsorship by WORLD BANK for the sum of ($500, 000, 00 USD) as the third position prize winner base on your effort and active performance that is how you were randomly pick and qualify.

Please be aware that all required documentations will be forward to you confidential as proof and evident for your own view as you proceed congratulation once more. You are to contact claim office for more details and explanation and also for claim procedure: Email; hiconsultant015_service_eu@outlook.com

Mrs. Belinda Matzo,

Media Service Manager.


be aware…

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