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If you're a seller you must be happy... UPDATE > I JUST GOT AN ORDER FOR STOCK IMAGES?!?!

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I’ll give my take on the feature in order starting with what I feel strongest about. The first is that I don’t want any feature ever added to my gigs without my consent, especially in an active state.

The second is that that if the only choice is to have the feature as an opt-out instead of opt-in I’d rather not have it at all.

The third is that I am afraid to use the feature since it was broken and caused cancellations at the first release. So, altogether the only thing I see bad about them removing it is that they are only doing so in the logo category. I’d rather see it entirely removed.

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Reply to @fonthaunt: Okay, understandable. The real problem is that fiverr added “modifications” and “stock images” as a real element in itself. There should be a simple drop down box with many different features which the buyer can choose! It firstly should never be there when the buyer places the order, the seller should ask him if he wants to buy it. Also, modifications – is that really necessary?? Probably 99.9.9 percent of buyers (not trs’s) offer unlimited revisions and if not they won’t succeed.

If those extras took time to create Fiverr is definitely in the wrong direction in terms of upgrading the site. Stock extra??? Really? Oh. They saw some extra way for them to make even more money per order.

What I’m noticing is that most upgrades are so fiverr can just make MORE MONEY. (Not that I don’t want fiverr to make money…) Like the modifications. If there is only 3 per order and the buyer needs 5. Ohweewo. More money.

I’ll tell you why I think I am right. They released Fiverr for $100 AND $50 gigs. INSANE. THATS INSANITY. Fiverr should not do that until they have a different platform. A platform for “quality services” something like FiverrAbove or something where buyers know they’ll be spending more money when using it.

In fact I really love that idea! On a different platform they’ll be hand picked sellers offering their services at a higher price. Great.

Stocks, Modifications all that is bogus and I really hoped fiverr was spending it’s developing time doing better things.

But now that they have it, they released and it doesn’t work. It just shows their is a level of miscommunication at Fiverr. I will tell you that if you release something and take it down after a month. there must’ve been a real issue behind the doors.

Fiverr. Fiverr. Fiverr is heading in the wrong direction. They have not taken a poll. Have they asked you? Okay, I am a nobody. I understand. But you. You’r an admin.

Also I know that Fiverr has many features ready to be rolled out. I know it. I got an email and I am sure also did. They asked me what I thought (a poll) about paying to have my gigs featured. I loved that idea. That email was 4-7 months old. Nothing yet. But yet, again, Fiverr is trying to make more money which ever way they could. Again, THERE is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But doing so, they forget about the sellers which are making this place a success.

This was not a rant. I hope Fiverr will indeed see this post. Hopefully.
(sry about my english)

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i have no idea of how to work with stock photos.
I have no plan whatsoever to learn how to work with such a platform/ feature, unless i’m the one selling the pictures.
and if my gig says “I will take pics for you” why must i have the option to buy them? or my client [the buyer] to order stock photos in MY gig? my credibility will go downhill.

on a different note, i think the buyer should buy his own photos to use for logos and whatnot, not the gig seller.
just my 2 cents.

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The notification of these features (adding them or taking them away) seems totally arbitrary.

I was never personally notified it would be added yet there it was.

Some are now being told its removed yet I still see it on my gigs.

Why cant we all be notified in a similar way if functionality is added or taken away instead of just stumbling upon it on the forum?

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Reply to @thecreativeguys: yes, flyers and other promotional stuff need to look good. But why should the seller go out of his way to buy an image for the buyer? The seller might as well create the image himself, why use the work of someone else?

I’m not a designer. i’m just a writer. and i like to take silly pictures with my phone from time to time. therefore this stock-images feature is of no use for me. and good photographers that might sell their skills here for fun or to get some clients, whatever, should feel insulted by the feature.

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