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5 Ways To Increase Your Fiverr Sales [CLOSED]

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Sheriff’s Note: Proper credit for these tips go to the Globe Press. It was published on January 21, 2013 and was not written by the person who posted it here. Please also note the information could be out-dated. Thanks to those who replied offering the correct information.

  1. Choose your keywords wisely

    Many people commit mistakes in selecting keywords. They don’t know which keywords are mostly searched. For that you may use Google Adwords Keyword tool. It will help you to get in the first page of Search Result in Fiverr.
  2. Attractive Images Drive Traffic

    Yes, Images play a vital role in getting traffic towards your blog. Ultimately, using attractive images in your gig will drive more attraction towards your gig and I bet you will get order within a day of creating your gig.
  3. Video Will Prove your trustworthiness!

    Yeah, adding video in your gig will make your gig look professional. And the buyer will come to know your work and surely they will get satisfied with your work and will order one of your gig at the same moment.
  4. Always ask for a good and positive feedback to your buyers

    When the order is delivered to the buyer, then message the buyer that Please give a Positive and good feedback on my gig please. Positive feedbacks increase attraction. Once, one of my Fiverr gig was rated Negative Feedback because I was not at home so I was not having any internet connection over there and I missed the gig and he rated negative and wrote that the Seller Failed to deliver his work. I became extremely sad I wasn’t getting orders. 2 weeks were passed and still no orders. This was just because of the negative feedback which was given to me when I was failed to deliver order at that time. Now it was time to do something with my gig. What I did was something clever. I deleted the previous gig and made another with same name and description. And Voila an order within few hours.
  5. Share your Gigs on Social Media sites

    Social Media sites are now becoming the best source of getting targeted traffic specially Facebook. The wise way of increasing your sales in Fiverr is to share your gig on Social Media sites i-e Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn etc. This will make you get more orders.

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Hi! Thanks a lot for your tips and tactics on being a best-seller on Fiverr! I really appreciate it.
By the way, I am not sure how I can make a video for my gig. Is there a particular website that you would recommend or can you please explain how can I make a video at all??

This is my gig, you can visit it and please check if it is attractive.
Thanks. 😃

Sheriff’s Note: Gig links are considered advertising. Those go only in My Fiverr Gigs.

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Thanks for Useful tips…
I’m a absolutely new on fiverr. My desire is to be a Top Rated Seller . please give me some suggestions…
It’s my gigs : - See more at : fragglesrock

Sheriff’s Note: Links are considered advertising so please do not put them in any forum category except My Fiverr Gigs. If people want to see your profile and gigs they can click on your username.

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Alvina15, your entire post is plagiarized. It was originally published for the Globe Press on January 21, 2013.

The author’s name is Ahsan Raza, and he would probably not be too pleased that you are using his article without giving him the credit.

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