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Why has my level not increased? [RESOLVED]


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I have been active for 30 days, have had 23 orders completed, have only 5 star ratings, and a cancellation rate of 4%.

So why then am I not upgraded? I look at the level page, and it only has “30 days active” checked off. But nothing else?

Do I need to contact Customer Support for this? Or does it take a few days to register? (My account hit 30 days yesterday)

Sheriff’s Note: Resolved by original post author. If you have achieved all the steps needed for Levels and waited a few days, contact Customer Support.

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I wish I knew this answer too–though mine is a bit weird!

I’ve been here over a year, selling for just under 2 months, have done 63 gigs, with 18 more about to be ordered, a 99% positive rating, 38 Five Star reviews (wish more would rate me, but I guess some just won’t) with ZERO cancellations…and I can’t get to Level 2???

I passed the 50 gigs long before the 2 month mark, with a perfect rating at the time–but no change?

How come?

Anyone know a reason this should be happening to use?

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