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Unexisting customer support


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Did anyone notice how bad customer support fiverr do have ? I thought the 0,5 % charge are covering their fees for running the customer service.

I made a payment and money is deducted from my account, but it’s still showing not paid. It’s more than 1 day I opened a ticket and until now they didn’t solve it from me.

I guess it’s long time left before fiverr can reach the same level as odesk and the other big actors. Really sad!

Sheriff’s Note: Input is fine, but this is not a tip so the post has been moved.

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They will respond within 24-48 hours, since you’re new other requests from advanced level sellers will be anwserd before yours.

Customer support was always there for me when I need it them, never disapointed me.

Be patient and avoid bad language with customer support or buyers.

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