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Why can't I cancel?


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I am really steamed, so any help would be appreciated.

Buyer ordered my “Name your event or product” gig for $5. The text they left as instructions is “compliance - we want people to comply” "comply to rules etc."

I requested more information; they didn’t reply.

I requested a mutual cancellation; they declined.

I used the “resolution” option to ‘refund now’ and was greeted with an alert that this order cannot be refunded!

I resubmitted a mutual cancellation request.

I don’t know if it’s a joke or a jerk, but I am not going to tolerate this crap.

Can anyone please offer suggestions as to how to resolve this BS quickly?

Thank you.

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Have you checked their profile to see if they have a website, or a company name you can look for to see what it is they do? I know it’s rubbish to have to do it, but sometimes it’s helped me to get more info when they don’t provide it or when they’re being vague/have a language barrier.

Hope you can get it sorted!

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Yes happened to me many times, when I use the “issue a refund” it says this order can not be canceled right now --
Never worked for me, it’s really annoying, somebody should tell us why it’s not working or when does it work or why put a button that does not work -

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The buyer has refused the second cancellation request and now the order is in “late” status. As a further annoying twist, I submitted another request, but this time, everything in the “resolution center” is in Spanish!

To answer the questions, @lunabea, their profile says nothing other than they are in the UK, and are FB and email verified. I don’t mind digging for more info to an extent, but this appears to be someone intentionally being a jerk.

@misscrystal, Thanks. I just wish they’d be quicker about it! 🙂

@madmoo, it’s a red banner that says “this order cannot be cancelled [right now, or at this time]”.

@onlinedzshop, I guess they figure they don’t have to explain it or fix it - the same as everything else here!

@catwriter, I have no idea if it’s available to all, or what affect it has on cancellation rate. It seems to be a seller-forced cancellation/refund that’s available after requesting a mutual cancellation, but to be honest, I don’t recall exactly where it’s located or what triggers it. I just clicked it as soon as I saw it to try and get this order shut down.

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When I sent the third cancellation request (about 15 minutes ago) mentioned above, I included the text “Please cancel this order immediately as this has been reported to Customer Support.”

The buyer accepted the cancellation within minutes. Now to see if the “late” status affects my rating.

Lesson learned: From now on, if a client doesn’t respond to my request for more information within 24 hours, or declines a cancellation request, I’m reporting it - and letting the buyer know.

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