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I need your opinion

Guest ayagamal541

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Guest ayagamal541

I have worked for two days to improve my gig, and doing with the all of awesome tips.

Finally, I changed a lot in my gig, I re-edited and improved it.

Also, I have just made a new explanation video for my gig.

All I need is your opinion for the efforts of two days.

Thanks 🙂

Sheriff’s Note: Since this is a not a general tip to help all sellers, it has been moved to a more appropriate category under Conversations.

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Change your gig title from: " I will be your own professional video editor for $5 "

To: “I will be your professional video editor for $5”

Or “I will edit videos in 3 days for $5”

Change: "Services For 5$"
To: “Services for $5” or “$5 Services” U.S. curency is written with the dollar symbol ($) behind the amount, not in front.

Change: "I work on Fiverr full time, so I will reply to you very quickly!"
To: “Fiverr is my full-time job, so I reply ASAP.”

Or delete that line. After all, sometimes you’re asleep, right? You can’t reply very quickly when you’re sleeping.

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Reply to @ayagamal541: I just saw it.

“Welcome In Fiverr”? That sounds weird.
It should be “Welcome to Fiverr,” although even that is strange because you aren’t Fiverr, you’re ayagama.

I think you struggle with English. I noticed you wrote “Send to me your files.” There’s no need for the “too,” just “Send me your files to make a professional video” is enough.

Remember, be more direct, less words, and get to the point quicker.

Good luck!

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