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Meet the Surfers Forging the Digital Future


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Here are a couple highlights from the new Forbes article by Fiverr’s Cofounder and CEO, Micha:

Young and old, we have all been deeply affected by the Internet Revolution. Almost every aspect of our lives from the social to the economic has been, and continues to be altered by the powerful forces of technological innovation.

It’s a bright new world we’re all exploring and it’s only getting brighter: Small business is a global business when you consider the divide between world markets takes only a few clicks on the mouse to cross.

Check out the article to find out more, and share your feeling below.


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Guest tn5rr2012

That is a great article @kevinwil and thank you for sharing it with everyone. I actually was alerted to that article and many of his article by using my Google alerts I have set up

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Hi all friends,I,ve an issue in my gig size that is 550x370 how can I do this ,and my other issue is that when I send offer from buyer request page the buyer’s summary doesnt appear although add message box appears,any friend guide step by step and ur guide shall be appreciated

regards to all

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