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I am new and have a few questions!


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How does the site work exactly?

I didn’t see an option for payments.

Do I give potential customers my PayPal email?

Can I ask them to pay by email money transfer?

And if I have a certain amount of time to deliver the product, when does that time start? From the moment they pay or from the moment they first contact me?

Any other information for a newbie would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 🙂

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#1 the site works exactly how it is!


#3 No NO No. That’s forbidden.

#4 NO NO NO Every order must be done thru fiverr’s platform. Going against this rules will result in termination.

$5 The moment they enter their details about the work.

#6 Please visit fiverr.com/academy for usful information just for you!!

#7 Visit the forum more often and look for useful topics already posted here for beginners. You can use the search bar above (top right side) to find interesting articles.


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