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Question Regarding Rights on Digital Images


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Hello all!

One of the needs I have are to slightly modify a cropped section of digital images. The task is super simple, but I thought to use fiverr for volume purposes. Meaning get a seller to complete multiple units of this simple task. I’ve ordered one transaction thus far, using my mobile. When I logged onto fiverr to download the file to my computer, after viewing the preview from my phone, I noticed the notice that I must pay copyright fee…blah blah blah.

My question: Do you think paying for copyright is necessary, giving it’s my image that’s being slightly alter, that I should have to pay for copyright to seller? I ask because I was going to include the request they be tagged using metadata.


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The copyright fee is something I think is really stupid that was made by fiverr, sellers already were delivering before this copyright fee appear and they were not asking for it, now when fiverr presented it some sellers are using it and it really really feels like bullying, if feels like " here’s your order, but you can’t use it" !!!

A lot of respected sellers and top rated sellers refused to use it and hated to give their buyers such a bad experience.

Don’t ever order from a buyer who uses it, check their gig extras to see if they ask for this copyrights fee, if yes; leave.

Good luck %%-

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Reply to @onlinedzshop: I tend to agree with you in that it does read a ‘here you go, but don’t use it without paying me this simple added fee’. Doesn’t seem right, given my specific case. I’m providing my actual image, and have prepared them in a way that I’m really paying for what would equate to something similar to copy/paste type of busy work.

As a newbie, I didn’t want to broach the subject with the seller I used for a test run, as I didn’t want to insult him and his business. I thought I’d see what the general population thinks before I make an inquiry with him.

Not one to shy away from asking the particulars, I will inquire.Still learning the general fiverr culture.

Thanks for taking a moment to respond.

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