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How to reply? HELP!


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Ok, so I randomly got a message stating:


This is to inform you that your user registration Winning code numbers are (CM T-76-54-34-87-85-09) File number (B-00546) kindly note your profile account here in fiverr.com has been selected today among the few membership benefited this year 2015 European national site award program worldwide sponsorship by WORLD BANK for the sum of ($500, 000, 00 USD) as the third position prize winner base on your effort and active performance that is how you were randomly pick and qualify.

Please be aware that all required documentations will be forward to you confidential as proof and evident for your own view as you proceed congratulation once more. You are to contact claim office for more details and explanation and also for claim procedure: Email;

(an email adress@outlook.com)


Mrs. Woman Name here, ( dont want to name her really…)

Media Service Manager.“

So as you can see, there are tons of mistakes regarding English so there is no way this is real. I would just ignore it if I didn’t get a sign saying

"respond within 24 hours to maintain your response rate” What do I do? Did anyone else get such a message?

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Yeah it might not matter, but I still don’t want it lowered for no reason. Thank you for replying, and thank you fonthaunt for the info, but sadly I just received another one. Exact same message, exact same profile picture, only the username is different. I replied to the first one with some philosophy:

When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I thank you for taking your time to message me, but no matter how I think about it, it has to be fake so I ask of you to stop sending people such messages and try to sell something and help people!

All the best,
Zeromark" and roughly 35 minutes later I got the other one…Reported both of them now and I really hope neither affects me in any way besides already creeping me out.

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