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Just in Case - Scam Inbox Message about "Award"


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I did a quick scan of the forums and a general search and didn’t see anything on this, but if someone already has it posted let me know and I’ll delete this. The user that tried to contact me with this scam has already been banned, but I know they sometimes make new accounts and try again so I’m going to post a quick warning.

The inbox message I got started like this:

""Date/July/14/2015 This is to inform you that your user registration Winning code numbers are (CM T-76-54-34-87-85-09) File number (B-00546) kindly note your profile account here in fiverr.com has been selected today among the few membership benefited this year 2015 European national site award " yada yada.

If anyone gets a similar message it is not real and is not from an authentic site. Take care not to attempt anything that is suggested in the message. If you do accidentally click on something dangerous inside, I would suggest that you change your Fiverr password.

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