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More Gig Extras will Increase Seller Revenues

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Why don’t we have more gig extras?

Currently as a level 2 seller I have a limit of 5 possible gig extras per gig not counting extra fast. I have some gigs which are very detailed. I’m very confident I’d get more sales if I had a limit of 10 possible gig extras.

The values can remain the same but by having more spots to have gig extras sellers and Fiverr will increase revenue.

Makes total sense to me.

What does everyone else here think?

Kind Regards,



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I say a big “YES” but instead of featuring all extras at once, only display the necessary ones.

I want to see an entirely new system for the gig extra part. The system would work that you can add 30 gig extras but only 5 are displayed at once, and you can click the > arrow button to view the others.

Having your gig layout being overly crowded makes things more harder for buyers who just want to simply get through it and view your gig description.

I love the idea of more gig extras, but the buyer side of it has to be overlooked as well.

🙂 Joe

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