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I need a seller who has the ability in working in Yosemite Server environments and some more things


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Following requirements.

  • Has the ability in working in Yosemite Server environments.
  • Knows how to configure DNS server to use domain.com names in the machine.
  • Has the ability to configure DNS mail exchangers and connects it.
  • Knows how to install Drupal 7 distributions and how to modify themes.
  • Knows how to make Drupal 7 Modules and work with Drupal 7 Commerce toolset.
  • How to install Bitcoin-qt and Bitcoind processes as server using Mac Os X.
  • Knows how to install Bitcoin payment method using Bitcoin module on Drupal 7 store.
  • Knows how to install jQuery boxes like Phono, or other type of voice plug-ins.
  • Has the ability to install on Mac Os X and give maintenance to Asterisk distributions.
  • Knows how to install vTigerCRM Asterisk upgrade on his own, with no resources.

    -Can connect databases from Drupal, Asterisk and vTigerCRM environment.
  • Maintain healthy any kind of database.
  • Had worked with Modbus TCP, or get Hex data from TCP Request/Response and make a script for indexing in a Database
  • Had been working with Google Graphs a Graphs in Drupal 7
  • Knows how to install and operate a CMUSphinx system that interacts with Asterisk.
  • Knows how to work with MapBox and Map Software in relation with Drupal 7 sites.
  • Can install a 256-bit VPN infrastructure.
  • Knows about selfstreaming a selfhosting HTML5 videos and changes theme.
  • Knows how to do mouse & keyboard scripts using Automator or any scripting tool.

    Note to sellers - I need you to be able to fulfil all the above requirements, if you can than only contact me.

    Note to admin - I’m posting this request here because in gig request I can’t enter all the requirements.
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