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Order is Late But I Need Extra Info, What Can I Do?


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Hey guys,

I am relatively new here and I would love If you could give me your opinion on this:

I have an order that I started working on yesterday but I discovered I needed extra information from the buyer. The order should be delivered today and has started 2-3 days before.

However I couldn’t proceed without the extra information and the buyer didn’t respond. Now the clock has stopped ticking and it says I am “late”.

1)What can I do in cases like this?

2) How soon will the order be cancelled automatically? I don’t want to get negative feedback without having done anything wrong. I contacted the buyer 12 hours before being "late"

3)If the buyer decides to cancel, will he be able to give me negative feedback because it was “late”? If yes, that’s not fair because I would have finished the order on time if I had the necessary information.

PS: I will probably cancel the order. I just want to know what I should do in the future in similar cases.

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The order won’t be automatically cancelled, but after 24 hours of being late, the buyer will get an email offering him to cancel. If he does, you’ll get an automatic bad rating saying ‘Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time’.

You don’t want that, so I would send a mutual cancellation request to the buyer, telling him to either send you the info needed or accept the cancellation.
If he does nothing, the order will be then automatically cancelled in 2 (or maybe 3?) days.
Once the order is cancelled in this way (mutual or automatic) the buyer won’t be able to leave a review.

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You could still wait for him to respond as iam sure buyer after receiving the email of late delivery wont cancel but cooperate but one thing here is important. when orders are sent through late deliveries, it causes an effect on your gigs health as late delivery isnt appreciated by fiverr and they can slow down your GIGs promotion

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