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Do you guys know what an express sign beside an order on the ‘Manage Sales’ list means?

I deliver all of my basic gigs in less than 24 hours, but that’s the only order that has that sign.

For instance, the other two orders shown in the image where also delivered in less than 24h, and there’s no ‘express’ icon.


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Reply to @webexpert1313: Thanks. I already knew that. But what I find strange is that of all my orders for that same express gig, only that one is marked with the ‘express’ icon, and not the rest.

That particular order is the one that I’ve delivered the fastest of all (under an hour). I wonder if the icon is related to that, or if the buyer marked some particular option to make it even more express, or something else.

I guess I could ask CS, but it’s not something that important. I just have the curiosity to know if somebody has seen that and knows what it means.

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