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Tips for my gigs?

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I was wondering if an experienced seller in the writing, editing, and art markets here on fiverr could look over my profile and gigs and give me some tips on improving sales. I have read through page after page of posts of suggestions and tips, and have heeded their advice and revamped my gigs. The only thing I can think of that I haven’t done is upload a video, but my gigs aren’t very video-friendly. If you can think of a way for me to showcase these skills in a video, I would love to hear that as well.

I promote my gigs on Facebook (my personal and my business’s page), Twitter, and LinkedIn; respond to buyer’s requests every day; even started a website linking to my fiverr profile to drum up some traffic, and I’ve still only had 3 orders. I also understand that patience is important, I just want to know if this is a normal slump in flow from being new, or if I’m doing something wrong. So, any other suggestions for me?

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