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Gig stats - total sales?

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I may just be having a dim day, but I cannot for love nor money (OK I haven’t actually tried to pay for it, but I sure would LOVE to have it) find the information about the total number of each gig’s sales - only the number of currently active orders. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?



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Currently there is no such function on fiverr.com to show such information.

What you can do is click the following "My Gigs"

than, click one of the appropriate gigs and than click “Show Stats” this will show you how many times your gig has been viewed as well as how much revenue it has generated"

This information, is not updated in real time so, I wouldn’t count on it being very reliable.

There is no other way, of doing so rather than manually at the moment.

I hope that helps and all the best to you and your gigs!

Best Wishes


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The gig stats do not work - I just checked on mine, one says it’s been viewed 4 times and has 1 pending order and has made 0$ revenue when in reality it’s made close to 300$, has like 30 pending orders and no idea how many views but more than 4 if I have so many pending orders LOL

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