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Tips For New Sellers


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I joined Fiverr a month back on 17th June 2015 and today i got promoted to level one. 30 days 50+ orders completed, revenue - 400$

Today i want to share few tips for new sellers who are struggling to get orders.

1- Stay Creative- Always deliver exceptional work.

2- Be Unique- Don’t copy paste other gig description or title. Yes, take help from other gig but write in your own words and use appropriate keywords.

3- Gig Video- You must upload a video describing your service. Don’t use same video for multiple gigs.

4- Be Bold- Always deliver on time. Ask buyer to leave a review.

Pro Tip- Offer freebie until you become level one seller. That means I’m in graphic design niche so i offered Free Vector file and free unlimited revisions during my first month on fiverr. It helped me to get more and more sales + good reviews.

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I began my Fiverr journey the 12th of May 2015 and my gig (writing articles) just took off from day one actually and I became a level 2 seller after only 40 days.

In any case, you’re tips are great and any new seller on Fiverr should consider them. I just got lucky since I never promoted my gig and offered the priced version from the start. Sometimes you just get lucky in life!

Keep up the hard work and stick with your own tips! 🙂



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I joined few years ago but became unresponsive and didn’t pay much attention.
One day on 2nd may 2015, I made my decision to do something in fiverr being inspired with a friend.

And the result was awesome! Now, I am a level one seller with revenue more than $500.

I get constant custom orders from my client with a repeat ratio of more than 70% !

Thanks a ton to Fiverr !

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I haven’t had much luck. I started fiverr in March and have only made $28 in revenues! I can’t add videos because I feel if I expose my age on Fiverr then people won’t trust my work as much. Any advice? I always finish things on time and my clients seem happy and I do get repeats, but it feels as if I am not getting any revenues.

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Reply to @alexx18: I checked your gig. My suggestion-

1- Don’t make more than 2 gig. Maximum 3.
2- Use professional gig picture. Don’t use copyrighted material. Hire any graphic designer on fiverr for your gig picture design. (In case, you can contact me.)
3- Use proper keywords (Search for sellers with same gigs but don’t copy)
4- Use relevant tags. (Personal Suggestion- Use 2 short tags and 2 long tags)
5- Video is must- Try to make a slideshow in poewerpoint about your gig and convert it to video with music. If you don’t know how to make video from powerpoint then google it. It will work 300% 🙂

I hope this will help 🙂

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Reply to @ilovenish: Thanks i appreciate that ! i have seen people with 3 lines of description, extremely bad pronunciation. Bad images and totally irrelevant things still its goes well for them. Its all about Luck and fiver’s promotion. Fiverr promotes a seller to highest level and then suddenly throws them down ! Its don’t agree with English, tags videos or stuff. Any how good luck for you 🙂 See ya

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