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Sellers as buyers!

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Hope this will assist both kind of new sellers

(a) New sellers with great skills

(b) New sellers pretending to be buyers to evaluate where they stand in the Fiverr market.

When you respond to buyer request, just check buyer profile once.

What they want you to bid for is probably what they sell. I guess there is nothing wrong in collecting samples to refine your own offering, just that there is no need to go the roundabout way and waste seller’s time.

I have never seen any other forum that is so helpful and most of them here do not do it to be noticed or shoot their sales – they just emphasize, there is actually enough for everybody and share best practices to encourage others. My learning has been more through these forums, than the Fiverr academy. So one can ask for assistance directly, instead of pretending to be a buyer.

Here was my response to someone who tried to pull this on me.


In order to find the right candidate I would like you to please list what a tech start-up business plan entails according to you

My response:

My gig states clearly, I offer no sample plans, template plans or lists please. I lose orders every week for this clause.

I saw your gigs and they are terrific. I never go to such depths because I work on two fundamental themes (This is a giveaway for you) -

(1) People (customer and audience) are either left brain or right brain (very few are whole brain) - their reading or learning preferences are very different, so excel can put them off and a diagram can appeal more.

(2) Communicate - I am personally obsessed with outcomes and conversion. My plans communicate the ask, just enough to take it to the next round

Welcome to Fiverr and do well.

I genuinely want him to do well. Thoughts?

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