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What is coversation rate?


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Just remember that if 10 buyers see your gig and 5 order, you’ll have a 50% conversion rate, yet you’re not going to make a lot of money.

So the focus should be on impressions. Great gigs get a lot of impressions, of course, if they’re not converting well, you might need to change a few things. Offer more, offer the same but in less time, do a temporary sale. If you normally do X, do 2X for one day and see if you get more orders.

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Conversion rate can be measured a few different ways. The conversion rate you see on your analytics page is - I believe - an over-all conversion rate of all your gig data combined. Here’s what you’re looking at:

Impressions means how many people saw your gig on another page somewhere on Fiverr.
Clicks means people who saw an impression of your gig and clicked through to see more.
Views means people who’ve seen your gig. This includes clicks, but also direct page visits.
Orders is the number of unique sales you’ve made. Duh.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Remember how to do fractions? Easy peasy: smaller number above the larger number. You can measure the conversion rate of your impressions by dividing it with the number of clicks.

In this case, my best-seller is converting (510 clicks / 23000 impressions), or 2.2% of all people on Fiverr who saw my gigs clicked through to learn more.

Of the people who clicked my gig, I’m converting 9.8% into orders.

And of all people who’ve viewed my gig (regardless of whether they clicked through from an impression or directly came to my page from a saved link or external link), I’m converting 4.2% into orders.

So there’s some interesting stuff to be had from the numbers. The first thing that can be said is that I look better by comparison: when my buyers come to the Fiverr website to find a service I offer, something about the buying experience and window shopping doubles my conversion rate. Is it the video? Or is it my relative standing among other sellers? Hard to say, but I can’t argue with the numbers.

The numbers also show that I could do better at grabbing attention - I don’t know what other sellers’ conversion rate is like for impressions, but a 2.2% conversion of impressions feels low. This could be because Fiverr is counting impressions that are shown on the bottom of other gig pages (where people aren’t looking) as well as impressions in the “Recommended for you,” which is something I usually ignore (and other people probably do, too). Whatever the case, it shows an area for improvement.

And if there’s a difference of more than double in my conversion rate between clicks and views, then this means I can still improve my gig listing. If people are seeing my sales pitch but aren’t buying, then I’m not properly communicating the value of what I have to offer. Of course, there’s no way to know that the gig views I’m getting aren’t the result of Internet crawlers and other non-human traffic, so I put more effort into my clicks versus my views.

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