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Fiverr buyer request Option

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Hello there to all.

I am not so new to this forum . But recently i have seen one problem here with selller.

Fiverr has given an option to buyer to create a request so that seller may contact them for the services. But instead of buyers, sellers are using it to share their services.

I think Sellers should act more responsibly on this thing. This option should not be used by seller . IT should be left for buyer so that we all can get opportunity to get more orders. As posting your services will not get u anything.

ALSO fiverr team should also take this thing more seriously as its not good for this forum.

I have attached the images of fiverr buyer request page.

Sheriff’s Note: You are encouraged to help! Add your thoughts to one of the similar posts directed to Fiverr in the Suggestion Box forum. As mentioned below, one can be found here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/68240/report-feature-for-misuse-of-buyer-requests . This thread is now closed.

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