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4 Tips for an effective logo design


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Here are four important things to keep in mind while designing a logo, i my self use these as the basic guides, feel free to add to these in the comments section 🙂

  1. Target audience:

    Identify the type of person who will potentially buy the products and services of your customer and then then design around these principles! Keep referring back to this throughout your design process to make sure you are sticking to the brief. For example if your client is an ice cream vendor then then the most obviously a large portion of his clients would be children, so a playful and colorful design would be most suitable.

  2. Choice of colors:

    Every color, including black and white, has implications. Colors need to be picked carefully to enhance specific logo elements, instill certain emotions and bring nuance to your message with the use of shade and tone. In general terms, bright and bold colors are attention-grabbing, but can appear brash. Muted tones convey a more sophisticated image, but run the risk of being overly low-key.

    Mostly the colors invoke the following response from the viewers,

    Red = aggressive, energetic, provocative, attention grabber.

    Blue = trustworthy, secure and responsible.

    Green = health, freshness and serenity.

    Yellow = positivity, light, and warmth.

    Pink = color is associated with females, energy, youthfulness, excitement.

    Orange = health care, restaurants and beauty salons.

    Brown = color of earth and conveys simplicity, durability and stability.

  3. Avoid the obvious:

    A cliché in the context of graphic design, can be defined as ‘an image that may have been memorable at one point, but has since been so overused that it has lost all ability to surprise.’ Obvious design is the equivalent to junk food. It’s available everywhere and easy to consume, but passes through us without leaving any nutrition or positive impact.

  4. Keep it simple:

    The use of simple colors and shapes makes it easier to perceive by the viewer of such logo. It is easier on the eyes and will be easier to remember. Some say that simple logos are hard to market because some cannot easily determine the meaning of it. But actually, it depend on how good your marketing strategies are. It’s this simplicity that allows the application of your logo to become versatile and hold its distinction when housed with other design elements in print, on products or on the web.
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Kind of copied ‘article’, unless you work with Smashing Magazine. This is helpful, though. I could add also that logo designing shouldn’t be rushed, if buyer wants a logo created within an hour or two, they shouldn’t expect anything fancy. Of course the simple logos can be created quicker etc. but still - a design should be well-thought-out and not rushed. This can be applied to any design. Designer should have time to come up with something amazing, and have time to fulfill buyers task.

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