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A little tip to avoid modification request


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Unfortunately some buyers don’t like to spend time reading the gig description and order directly and then later on they discover that the seller provide a different type of service or that what they are looking for requires a gig extra.

The seller in this case might either do this extra work or take the risk of having a bad review.

There are two practices that I found helpful to avoid these kind of situations

The first one is that I will make my gig description very clear and add a short paragraph for the optional items at the end of the gig description and in the gig instructions.

Another practice is that whenever I have a new order I will write a short message (a ready template the I have) first I will thank the buyer and will tell him what his order includes exactly and when it will be delivered to him.

So in this case if the deliverable didn’t meet his expectations he can either add the related extra gig or we can agree to mutually cancel this order before I start working on his order.

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