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Prank for Scammers

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It’s a Monday and I think you all would like a good laugh.

Once in a while, I get messages from other people on the site warning me that someone is imitating my gigs and stealing my photos. Generally I report them to Fiverr, but when I found this gig where I can get 3 photos of myself, I couldn’t resist having some fun with $5.

Would this person order my gig and resell it? How would they make money from it? Would they use a different model, or would they simply white out text from a photo I already took?

I ordered the gig and requested for this seller using my image to take a photo saying “Hi Allie, I’m you.” I couldn’t come up with anything wittier at the time. Apparently this $5 photo of me would be delivered within 24 hours. My own $5 gig has a deadline of a week with fast delivery costing extra.

I was very disappointed when the seller missed the deadline, but before I could cancel, this seller delivered blank and addressed me as “sir.” This scammer has no idea I am the girl in his/her gig!

What a shame. I don’t think I will ever find out what the action plan was for delivery as this appears to be a flat out scam, but I will keep you all updated.

P.S. Don’t judge me for my messages saying I wish I looked like her (me.) I’m just being silly, not conceited 😛

Also: On my end, the photos look super zoomed in. Are they clickable? Any tips of how to post properly sized photos? I wish you could all see the screen shots.

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