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Translators BEWARE: Identity theft clients on Fiverr

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Hello there, fellow translator!

I do translating here on Fiverr and I have been regularly contacted by what I have identified as an identity theft thief.

One of these are “fragglesrock” (yes, I hang you out because you are so stupid that you reveal details that are easily found on http://www.fragglesrock) who claim s/he will give you good cash in return if you send him/her some personal details about yourself first.

The person in question will try to build rapport with you and try to appear more human by saying stuff like, “my daughter got sick for more than a week and I was looking after her all that time , many jobs has been cancelled due to this unexpected accident ; I’m so sorry for had that job cancelled :(.” Really? You would cancel a job because your daughter got sick? How professional…, and great English btw 😉

Now, you might be thinking that I am not being professional about this because I am hanging out someone and commenting on actual messages they have sent me as if this was a roast… Well, I haven’t been scammed (yet) but I find the idea disgusting and that the person actually keeps trying, like someone who keeps screaming in the drunk cell, knowing that he still won’t get out yet…

Here is a short list of what possible identity theft clients on Fiverr might ask from you as the translator:

  1. Sign up the attached Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Your updated CV and Cover Letter
  3. A copy of your certificates and diplomas
  4. Passport, ID or a Driving License (one of them is necessary)
  5. Your VAT number if applicable
  6. Samples of your previous work
  7. 2 reference emails or 2 reference letters

    Why would anyone ask for your actual passport, ID or driving license? Also, the confidentiality agreement is a contract they have you sign to agree that you will never reveal what you have done (that you have been scammed in an identity theft) so they try to make you sign a contract where you are literally saying, “okay, you can legally scam me”.

    You can read more about translator scammers here:


    Sheriff’s Note: Your post has been edited for multiple reasons. Please read the Forum Do’s and Dont’s.

    -It is against Fiverr ToS to ask for or to offer personal contact information so by following this serious rule, opportunity for any ID theft is greatly reduced. You should report any user who violates this rule to Customer Support and they will be banned.

    -Calling users out on the forums violates forum rules.

    -Posting external links and self-promotion violates forum rules in most cases.
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