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How do you guys maintain traffic?


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Hi guys!

I’m rather new on Fiverr and my first 20 days I got a lot of gigs, favorites and emails. But now (on my 27th day) I feel like it’s slowing down a bit. How do I maintain this?

My question is, do you change the gig’s picture regularly or the gig’s title? Or do you post it somewhere?

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Experimenting is always a good idea. I’ve changed my gig title and images, etc several times within a month just to see how the results are different. Also, with any freelance work, there is always ups and downs in clients coming in. Some days are slow just because.

However, if you really want to try and generate more business for yourself, keep a twitter! Write a blog and update it frequently, be active on facebook groups that pertain to your work. And utilize that “Fiverr Anywhere” button on your website!

Hope that helps!

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