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New member - 2questions [extra gigs & more gallery pics] [RESOLVED]


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Hello Fiverr community,

i am a new member and i have 2 questions:

  1. How can i add extra gigs? [already read about, but just to confirm]

    I saw (as a new member) that i can only add 2 extra Gigs (in my “primary” Gig), in order to add more do i have to reach Lvl1 (or above)?

    Im guessing i have to start selling my job with successful results ofc… and have active presence in community.

  2. How do i add more Gallery pics?

    I’ve read that i must “go” to My Gigs page and check if my “Portfolio” is ON.

    Well, i checked it, and by default it was “ON”, but still i cant upload more than 2 pics on my specific gig gallery.

    WHat do i have to do?

    Thank you in advance for reading this.



    Sheriff’s Note: These questions have been answered by @kjblynx so this topic is resolved.
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