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Extend deadline

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Hi, this is a problem that almost all sellers have had.

  • Buyer pays, and in requeriments he doesn’t send everything you need
  • You tell him he missed (for example) his username, or the picture, or the login/pass he gave you is not correct (I had one customer 1 week sending me fake login/pass; and it has being my only undeliveried on time order; I’ve being penalized 10% of my orders for that).
  • He delays his answer and time runs away, and you are late because of him

    I think there shoud the a button “ask seller to extend deadline” and seller fills in there why (as in the cancellation request) and how long, so the buyer receives one email asking for that with the advice of “if you agree the seller with this extend deadline of 3 days request, please click link”.

    If clicked, extend deadline with no penalties.

    If clicked “cancel”, do not extend

    If not clicked, do not extend.

    If you are doing a great job as a seller and you request “extend deadline” with a good reason, I’m pretty sure that buyer will understand and there will be not unfair penalties for sellers.
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