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Adding your family member's gigs to your account

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Dear Colleagues:

I want your advice. I just created a gig in my account for my sister, as she wanted to work on Fiverr, but do not want to create he own account.

She will work on the orders received through this gig, and deliver herself.

I wanted to let buyers know that my sister would be working on this gig, and not me. So, what’s the best option? Should I put a note in gig description, and update the gig image to include her photo?

I am also interested in knowing, if anyone else doing this.

Hope to hear your valuable suggestions. Thanks!

  • Ramesh
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There are husband/wife teams, family teams and all kind of people who sell on Fiverr as a group effort. You can really handle it however you wish if you are keeping it on one account. You could make it clear in your profile it’s a family team, or you could just have your sister subcontract for you and keep your profile and pic as they are. I don’t know of any limitations on this UNLESS she decides to create her own account.

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