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Sellers and the Delivery Time Problem - Second delivery time option for custom offers?

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Hey there i started selling on fiver a bit over a month ago and i do really enjoy that. So let me start this post with a little thank you for providing such a great platform to do business for us!

I am mostly offering my video editing service which vary a lot in delivery time due to many different factors that mostly come up during the process of creating the video product. So the problem is the following if you really care about your customer which includes for example:

-Doing revisions until they are completely satisfied

-Giving them buyer time to get feedback from their coworkers, boss or any other third party.

-Buyer most of times need to get additional material or it simply isn’t fully provided when ordering the gig

Those are just a few examples of common things that happen o me on almost every order. So right now the many sellers get more or less penalized by late delivery due to the fact that they do really care about their buyers. For me it is kind of a sad thing to read that “late deliver… 10% less buyer activity” etc.

@adam_aviv So maybe someone is able to provide an update on that topic. I think this is a Case the sellers position should be strengthened to keep continuing providing a quality service. There shouldn’t be a rush to just deliver some draft or worst case empty deliveries and other stuff that is against fiverrs tos. But hey sellers are pushed into that direction without a need.

I think one first step to solve this problem is to provide a second option for custom offers (90% of my orders are from custom offers) that enables you to simply set an estimated “not fixed” delivery time. As custom offers are very often used for complex orders.

Or maybe there is a way to simply incorporate the ability to “mutually extend” the deadline. There shouldn’t be an information that the buyer is entitled to cancel the order but there should be an message offering the “extension of delivery time” first. And it would clearly make more sense for fiverr itself i think. As more completed orders means more profit.

Those were my thoughts on a problem i am dealing with almost daily. I hope the message is clear and i am looking forward to get feedback on whats possible and on how we sellers can help you to improve these things.

Thanks for readying through my lines. And thanks for the great experience i am having on fiverr so far!


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Hi Andy. Perhaps you should go ahead and add an extension when submitting custom offers to buyers. If you agree on a seven day turnaround, but you want to allow for unforeseen circumstances, you could set delivery for fourteen days and let your buyer know you fully intend to deliver within the promised time and have added days in case something should happen on their end where a delay is necessary. Of course I would discuss this with them beforehand, so they understand the discrepancy.

Good luck!

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Hey there, i know i can do that but the thing is it will make you lose some orders if you tell them it will possibly take 14days upfront. But if it takes 14 days because they needed time to provide files etc. they know they have delayed it by timeX themselves and it isn’t a problem at all.

But again that isn’t the point. I didn’t have a single cancellation or anything like that. There isn’t a problem from buyer side. We are always on the same page.

The problem is that you run late on the platform which shouldn’t be if you have discussed it with the buyers. Andy

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