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Hi everyone,

I’ve recently started sending offers in the Buyers’ Request section. As my gig is a photo editing one, it would be great if I could send with my offers a portfolio, so customers could check the quality of my work. However, as Fiverr is very strict about sending contact information, I’m very careful about posting any links in the messages I send.

Do you think that adding a dropbox link to my portfolio in my custom offers could get me in trouble?


Check out my gig here: fragglesrock

Sheriff’s Note: Links to gigs, profiles or any advertising may only be done in the My Fiverr Gigs forum.

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Hello! Dropbox is sometimes suggested but only for very specific purposes and a portfolio there would not be a good idea. The only time I know of the Dropbox is overlooked is when you need to deliver a file larger than Fiverr permits.

You may use YouTube or Flickr for portfolio work, but don’t put anything there that is unrelated to Fiverr and to make sure you are covered, I would use a Fiverr watermark on those. There is a lot of information in the Terms of Service and I would suggest giving it a read-through.

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