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Promoting Fiverr Gigs via Linkedin messages using a mail-merge function via a spreadsheet

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While it is a bit tedious it is possible to promote your Fiverr gigs using Linkedin messsages as opposed to email, I think it is a good idea. Why would you even want to engage in that kind of activity? Because the messages are pretty much guaranteed to arrive at their destination. Unfortunately, when you use regular email your messages can easily end up in a SPAM folder or worse, be bounded back to you as being undeliverable.

I have found that setting up a spreadsheet to send out such messages is a nice, organized way to proceed. However, it would be even nicer if you could set up a spreadsheet and do a mail-merge function with Linkedin messages much the same way you can with email. Unfortunately, I do not have the programming skill to make that happen. Does anyone out there in the Fiverr universe have that level of programming skill?

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