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Avoiding cheap buyers is never easy for greedy sellers

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I came across a buyer today who wanted 3000 words to be rewritten for just a few bucks.actually he was actually over loaded with work and outsourced work to me. I did the work and what he did next:

he simply requested to cancel the order after getting the work almost done. what a shame!!!

she was not only outsourcing the work but also trying to get quality work for free

it was really annoying and I learned a lesson to anticipate the cheapness of a buyer from a mile

I will be more cautious to these type of buyers


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if you delivered the order exactly as described then don’t accept cancellation and if she gives you a bad rating contact customer support about it and explain to them what happened and that she triedto cheat and get both work and her money back.

Also, even if the order is just 1$ sellers should always give exactly what they promissed in their gig description, doesn’t have to be “not quality work” just because it’s a basic order, you have to explain eveything in your gig description for buyers to know exactly what they’re getting.

Good luck %%-

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