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800 Reviews! How to get good reviews-

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Being nice to your buyers is the number one thing. If you are rude to your buyers, the buyers will give you a horrible review. Believe me I’ve learnt this from experience if you’re in a bad mood try to avoid talking to customers because you don’t want to upset anyone. I know sometimes it can be extremely irritating when a buyer gives you a bad review, it makes you feel really angry ~X( but always be professional 🙂

Bad reviews for no reason - in my experience I’ve had a lot of people you leave me bad reviews and don’t give any explanation for it.

  • if a buyer gives you a bad review always try and TALK to them (if the review is really bad and will cost you further sales, try and give them a refund If it is a small order)

    -The review " cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time! This review is down to failing to deliver the order on time. If you feel that you won’t be up to deliver the order on time SPEAK TO THE BUYER (Communication is the most important thing. If you don’t tell the buyer anything what’s happening you’re basically leaving him in the dark not knowing anything.

    I hope you found this helpful :x

    Kieron (Fiverr Seller)
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