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I had recently an order from a strange user/buyer called happymartin and he placed the order without contacting me as i asked on the Gig option . I can’t do nothing i can’t deliver him anything or contact him and when i want to see his profile i got a message : This page is no longer available

And now the order is late ( 3 days now ) and can’t do anything i used the Resolution Center but it still .

Is someone can help me please to remove this !

Thank you

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@catwriter is correct. This isn’t a bug. It sounds like the user you were working with did something against the Fiverr terms. Some of the most common issues are when someone is making purchases and then filing disputes with PayPal or using stolen payment methods. You are lucky to be out of it now. Customer Support can cancel the order for you. Open a ticket and give them a few days to get back with you.

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