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Custom Base Price for Gigs?


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So, I’ve been away from the forum and such for a little bit now, but I heard that Fiverr implemented a feature so that you could start a Gig off at something other than $5. I tried creating a new Gig, but it didn’t give me the option to change the base price. Is this only for certain categories? Or have they already taken this feature away like they did buyer reviews?

Thanks guys!

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Are you sure you read that? I’ve never heard of the possibility of starting your gig above 5$.

You might be confused with Custom Price Quote, you can send that through the inbox to a buyer. You fill in the requirements he needed, the price, the days & the gig it is connected with. Then the buyer can accept that quote and start the gig.

Basic gig (normal orders) are always starting at 5$ to my knowledge.

  • Mike

  • Edit, I was wrong. It’s indeed for select people in some categories.

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They only allow you to change the base price of certain gig categories. Not all categories are available for a base price increase. I am having the same issue with some of my gigs.

Right now I have a gig in “Video & Animation > Animation & 3D” which I was able to increase the base price.

But if I move the gig to “Video & Animation > Commercials” it goes back to $5.

So… idk which categories are open currently, but hopefully that answers your question. I think they will be opening more as time goes by.

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