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Hello Sir Im User fiverr now my paypal problem i can’t withdraw

So i want Refund fiverr then send me my new paypal account if you doing this i will refund

Help me sir

Can I Refund and i give you my new paypal account

Transaction details

Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID # fragglesrock)

Sent by:

fiverr.com (The sender of this payment is Non-U.S. - Verified)Payment sent from:

paypal@fiverr.comPayment sent to:


Business Contact Information

Customer Service Email:


Amount received:

$xxx.xx USDFee amount:

$0.00 USDNet amount:

$xxx.xx USD

Issue a refund Help

You have up to 60 days to refund the payment.


Jun 12, 2015Time:

07:28:46 PDTStatus:



fiverr.com has just sent you $xxx.xx USD with PayPal

Payment type:


Sheriff’s Note: The most sensitive information has been redacted. The forums are not a substitute for Customer Support. Please contact Customer Support and/or PayPal support for assistance with your issue.

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