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Purchased New Gig, Seller's Account went inActive, do I still retain Commercial Use License?


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Hey Everyone !

I hope you can help. I purchased a gig from a seller here on Fiverr. He did an awesome job. I did pay for a commercial use license. I did receive my files and I sent a review for this seller. As of this morning, when I was going to review the seller’s last messages to me, when I went to click on the sellers reply, it stated to me that the sellers account was no longer active. On my receipt it does say that I purchased a commercial license. I have the bank statement to show my payment for the order which consists of the Commercial Use License as well.

My question is, since the seller’s account went inactive, and I paid for the commercial use license, do I still have the license ? Within our thread of the order the seller didn’t put a Commercial Use License in writing…so I want to double check and play safe.

I thank you so very much for reading this and for your helpful feedback.

Sincerely, Melissa

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