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Hey everyone,

Another new guy in the Fiverr universe. While my account isn’t new, my activity is. Because of this I still consider myself new as I’m still getting a feel for where everything is located, etc. So I apologize before hand if this has been posted all over the Fiverr forum!

To some of the experienced Fiverr vets, when you first started off, how long did it take you to start generating activity/sales? I’ve read some stories claiming it takes months and others claiming it can be instant? Is this due to popularity contests and spamming on social media sites or can activity be generated in other genuine ways?

Any information is greatly appreciated and I look forward to hopefully being more immersed in the community later on.

Sheriff’s Note: New user questions and gig review requests are asked frequently in Tips and they overwhelm the category. These requests will often be moved to Fiverr Stories, Conversations, or Fiverr FAQ depending on best fit. Be sure to look at Discussions and Announcements and search by keywords.

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@robopeezy - Welcome back to the family.

Everything you need is actually summarized in the below link. It has about 10 full proof links that are top rated on FIVERR and provide some of the best advice this community has to offer.

Please check them out, and go through them carefully - You should be on your way to getting sales in no time.



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