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Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

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Hello guys,

I am recently having issues with Google Chrome browser only on Fiverr. The files take forever to load or not load at all, and so the pages. At first I thought it was the internet, so I reboot the router and the Wi-Fi hot spot, but it didnt change anything, I restart Chrome and nothing, and so I restart my laptop. Then I figure I would try another browser to see if it was Fiverr or it was the internet or the browser. I try Mozilla and it works smoothly as it used to be on Chrome.

So I was wondering, did the Chrome update change something, or the mods on Chrome somehow affected the navigation. Does someone has the same issue?

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I am thinking that either you have installed chrome wrongly or that your file is bugged.

I recommend that you try chrome on a different computer and you’ll see it works just fine.

#2 Download chrome again, but before, make sure to rid of every chrome file that exists on your pc.

Best of luck.

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