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All i need is a chance to prove my experience in editing videos

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I joined fiverr few days ago .

i watch all the tips and i learn some things from other sellers , but i am still don’t have any sales :-S

All i need is a chance to prove my experience in editing videos ,

production , motion graphics , intros , Commercials , making marketing videos and more .

i know that is noone will order my gig because i am new here and i don’t have any stars and reviews .

but i need anyone to order anything to prove my experience to fiverr and all .

At the end good luck for all sellers and thanks for some people who helped me

with some tips ❤️

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I think that it’s great that you provide services with video editing, although I checked out your gig and there’s a video in which the woman doesn’t speak english, so not everyone will understand it. I don’t know if it’s you or someone you’ve done the work for, but I don’t understand a thing 😦 You didn’t also specify in your Extras what actually is this ‘extra work’. If I’d like to order your gig I wouldn’t know what kind of service you provide for $5 and why I should order Extras. You have to clarify it. I would also get rid of those ‘heart icons’ which are on your profile and your gig, as you may look less professional because of it. Other than that, good luck!🙂

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Thanks alot for your reply and tips .
The video in the gig it’s a done work for pantene agent and i think the language not important for the video editing buyers , they will care about the video editing , transition , color correction and etc . i mean by extra work , that add 10 dollar to the project or add 20 dollar to the project . I completely forgot to write 5$ service and i very sorry for that .
And about my heart icons … there is my name between 2 hearts only and i love this , i see there is no relation between my professionally and heart icons 😛

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Keep the hearts I just looked up some famous gigs and they have ‘sun’ icons…nevermind 😃
I guess you misunderstood me with the extras. What I meant was that you should specify what a potential buyer will get for additional cost, because ‘extra work’ doesn’t really make any clue what buyers are actually getting. You could specify what they get just for the standard $5 and then in extras what kind of special things they are getting by paying more.
About the video it should state at least on the beggining, that it’s your work for a client, someone may play the video and think they don’t understand it so they close it.
What matters most is the first impression. If they see the preview images showing your portfolio and they won’t have a clue, then they won’t pay big attention to the description.

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@ayagamal541 You say that you have looked at the tips and learned some things but have no sales. Unfortunately, one of the first tips you got in this thread was a good one and you are ignoring it - with no sales.

-I agree with @lennadesigns that the language in the video can matter. As an American, I buy video gigs sometimes. I only buy a non-English gig if I have a specific reason. For example, for one video I needed someone with a heavy non-English accent but speaking in English. Otherwise, I have only bought video gigs if I could understand them in reasonably good English.

-There is a great forum post called How to Make a Gig and Get Sales and it has tips on things like the Title - “keep your title direct and to the point” while your title says “edit your video professionally and more”. I have no idea what "and more is. That post also mentioned making great tags, while one of your tags is misspelled.

-Another forum post is Detailed Tips to Optimize Your Gigs and Start Selling and it suggests “Customers want pure awesome-sauce for $5, and if you’re not giving that, they’ll go somewhere else” but you don’t really say what you offer for $5. You ask buyers to contact you so you “can determine the price.”

-The same post mentioned above suggests “DIVERSIFY YOUR PORTFOLIO: If you’re not getting views, it could be because you’ve only got one gig.” It looks like you haven’t read that one or didn’t agree.

-A great blog post is http://blog.fiverr.com/how-thinking-like-a-buyer-can-help-you-sell-more-gigs/ It says:
“imagine how you would explain your Gig to a friend who has no understanding of what kind of work you do.Then, write a Gig description that breaks it down into clear, understandable parts that anybody – especially potential customers – can understand.”

Your gig description has these parts (among other things):
"1- Video Editing , 2- Short Clips , 3- Post-Production on films
4- Making a exclusive marketing video , 5- intros , 6- Commercials
7- Motion Graphics Videos , and many more .

Video editing is very complex, "

For me as a buyer, I understand some of that. I have no idea what you mean by Short Clips, as in, do I get those in addition to a full video edit? Why do I need them? I don’t know what Post-Production is. If I’m buying a video to put on my YouTube channel, I don’t know if I need that. Do I get an exclusive marking video along with editing and short clips? Do I get an intro too? I see that you note that editing is complex, and you make me believe that, but in the long run I have no clue if I need your gig.

To add some of my own tips, you do need to be patient if you just joined, you need to offer a LOT for $5 at first, and you need to do even more reading and apply the tips. Listen to what people tell you on the forum as well and actually use it. If it doesn’t work, you can always go back or forward. I’m honestly trying to help you, not slam you. Good luck!

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@lennadesigns so i will replace the hearts with suns 😃
really thank you so much lenna i will make with your tips .
i will edit my extras , put service for 5$ and i will change the video .
i am really wish for you alot of sales .
Thank you again lenna ?

i can’t talk with you , because i don’t see any wrong word in your words
all i can say , that i will use all your tips exactly .
i don’t know how to thank you for this all tips and words , i am really
thank you so so much and I wish all the best for you in your life and fiverr 🙂

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@fonthaunt priceless tips there and also very informative links. @ayagamal541 - you should be on your way to getting orders in no time if you follow these suggestions.

Also @lennadesigns has a good point where the person in the video did not speak english (as the rest of the gig advertisement is in English)… It may not take away from your Skillset being shown off, but it may discourage English speakers when they review your Gig Video. @jdyarbrough - I think we all learned a little more from this post 🙂

Good Luck To All and Happy Selling!


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@speedy876 i am already applied all these tips in my gig .

@escape_ thanks a lot , but they are right the language of the video must be understandable for every one .

i applied all these tips and i changed a lot in my gig , and i am working on awesome video to my gig that explain every thing to the buyer .

Thanks for anyone replied on this post and big thanks again @fonthaunt and @lennadesigns ?

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