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Achieved level One After Making $2,253.6 on Fiverr


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Hi Fiverr’s

Hope you all are having a great day…

Today, I just achieved level one seller after making $2253.6 😃 here on fiverr…

Here’s my tips for newbies…

Think out of the box. I take orders of up to $250. My average selling price is $64 ;). I am not bragging here.

This is for you to realize the potential of Fiverr 🙂

Provide some unique and quality stuff to your buyers… Don’t go with what selling well…

Sell what is unique 😉

Provide some more bonuses to keep your buyers happy. Don’t try to keep charging your buyers for everything… Provide them bonuses for free to keep a good relationship with your buyers…

That’s all I can say and best of luck for future endeavours …

Have a great day…



One Life Make It Count

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Remember, unless Fiverr makes it otherwise official, you must offer something for $5. I don’t see anything listed in your gig for that price. I’m uncertain about what you are trying to get across with these numbers, but please take care to observe Fiverr ToS.

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