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Buying process

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I am buying a gig (Logo) off this seller,


I have no complaints about the Seller, but as I am new to Fiverr, I thought .AI is vector file type and was included in basic gig as its listed in the photo as included in basic gig along with EPS?, but further down the page it says

"Basic gig includes Ready-to-use PNG (with transparency) and JPG files"

Is that conflicting? I saw .ai included in the photo so purchased based on that into.

Seller has sent me a lot of sample designs but they are in PFD file type, so I have chosen the one I want to buy, will Seller resend it in vector? I have messaged seller but no response as yet.

I’m just not sure on the process.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sheriff’s Note: it is fine to post on the forum, but please do not include usernames. Thank you!

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PNG has a transparent Background and a high resolution png is perfect for logos, unless you need another format.

You are in control of the purchase until you are satisfied. Use the modification button. Do not let the order automatically post complete 3 days after it is delivered until you feel your order is complete.

With really busy sellers, they may not easily see your messages, Using the modification button is much more visible in the queue for them.

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